Dental Visit

Dental Visits: Reasons to Set Your Appointment

For many people, visiting the dentist’s office is not their favorite activity. For others still, dental visits bring trepidation. With this mindset, it is no surprise people of every age wonder if going to the dentist is important.  Like many other activities in life that might not be on one’s Top Favorite Things to Do List, dentist visits are important.

Reasons You Should Go to the Dentist

Dental VisitYour toothbrush is bloody.

If seeing blood when brushing your teeth is common, then seeing your dentist is necessary. Seeing blood often when brushing is a sign of gum disease.  Many times, it is still treatable and in the early stages of gingivitis. However, if there is frequent bleeding, there may be deeper problems needing treatment sooner, not later.

Dry mouth is a common problem.

It may be due to medication you are taking, dental disease, diabetes, smoking, or some other scenario, but dry mouth can have serious side effects.

You get headache-like pain in your jaw or face.

This is often a result of TMJ disorder.  Temporomandibular Joint Disorder causes pain in the jaw and other parts of the face. Stress, air pressure, eating crunchy or sticky foods, tooth grinding, or a variety of other circumstances can trigger TMJ. The best approach is to have a dentist look at your teeth and find an approach for treatment.

You are pregnant.

Pregnancy hormones affect many elements of a woman’s health. One of these is gum health. If you are pregnant, make a dentist appointment as early as possible. Let your dentist know so they can check for signs of gingivitis.

To prevent minor issues from becoming major issues.

Tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis can be treated and often stopped if caught early. Those bi-annual dental visits are a great way to stay ahead of problems. Also, by addressing small issues early, you can save money. After all, treating a small cavity is more economical than getting an implant or crown!

Screening for oral cancer, gum disease, and other issues.

Part of your dentist visit will include checking your jaw, under your tongue, lips, cheeks, and neck for any abnormalities that could indicate more severe problems.

Smile with confidence.

Clean, healthy teeth are something to smile about. If you are unhappy with your smile due to cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth or because they are discolored, talk to our dental team. There are ways to achieve the smile you have always wanted.

You are making a dietary lifestyle change.

Thinking of becoming vegan? Perhaps you are swapping to the keto diet. From meal replacements to high-protein diets, dietary changes can affect your dental health. Call your Forest Hills dentist about any changes you must make to protect your teeth.

You have a special occasion upcoming.

Class reunions, weddings, business trips, etc., can make us want to put our best smile on and confidently enter the room. Your dentist can schedule teeth whitening and add veneers, crowns, or other methods to help you have the smile you have always wanted.

Going to the dentist is not just something to think about. It is a vital part of pursuing good health. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, there’s no time like now. Reach out to Forest Hills Dental Associates today to make an appointment.